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Lynn (Big O) Owens and Dona Triplitt will cater your special events. Got a wedding comin' up and don't know what to do about the food? Well, you know you gotta' get rid of that daughter of yours in style (I mean help send her merrily to her new husband of course).

Private parties, like when you're gonna' graduate, or for special ocassions like when the boy down the street who always t-p'd your house is movin' away for good. Anything you wanna' celebrate, we got just the right vittles for, and we'll cook 'em before your very eyes. Fresh and hot for the delight of your guests!

Call us at 915-636-4542 and let us help you with the "fixins."

Brisket, Sausage, Ribs, Fajitas, Steaks, Beef Tenderloins, Pork Tenderloins - all the trimmings to make your very special occasion perfect!